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Ladies and gentlemen. It doesn’t get any better than this. We have no future if we do not invest in our present… our present future leaders of the world. What amazing innovations from material that most of us (in the developed world) wouldn’t even twice about tossing. Yes, some of these ideas are cute. But it’s much much more. For example, in the video above, these young boys have figured out the mechanics and simple engineering to make a toy car turn using a steering wheel made out of a stick and rotating it with rope tied to tires made from old slippers. MacGyver has nothing on these kids! Can you imagine what difference in the world these children would be making if they had a chance to go to a prestigious engineering school where they could learn how to bring to life all of the wonderfully amazing ideas prancing in their minds? Check out this young man below, Richard Turere, a young cow herder who came up with an innovative way to fight off lions… with technology! Another young untapped genius… (please read his article… it’s a great article!

We all know we should recycle. How many of us have drawers full of plastic shopping bags. Would you believe me if I told you I could make a soccer ball out of those extra bags? Not only is it possible, but it’s being done by a group of children in a foster home in Limuru Kenya. Read the article below!

A toy car, a rotating night light, a soccer ball out of plastic bags… is this really Tech4BOP material? Technology, as defined by Webster is “a manner of accomplishing a task especially using technical processes, methods, or knowledge.” If the above Tech4Bop examples are not innovative tech, then I have no idea what is. These young seeds of innovation foreshadow an innovative and hopeful change for the future, a future I can’t wait to see!

Tech4BOP Question of the Blog: Think back to when you were young… what innovative tech did you create? 

Relevant Articles:

1. Alina Tugend. New York Times. “It’s  Science Fair, Not the Nobel Prize.

2. Afrigadget. Archive for the ‘Toys” Category. <— a MUST SEE!!!


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Show casing innovative solutions that addresses the every day global concerns of people living in the base of the pyramid. Targeting on technology that focuses on clean water, scale-able agriculture, and safe and affordable housing.
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